Hanukkah in Alaska read by Molly Ephraim

Cinderella Stories in the Mexican Tradition – Three Books to Add to Your Reading List

The three Mexican Cinderella stories in this review are unique in their plot and rich with Latin folklore. The settings, characters and landscapes in each book portray the stunning Mexican traditions and heritage. The magic that helps the Cinderella heroine is not always in the form of a fairy godmother with a wand, but often is magic emanating from human kindness, dedication and hard work. In addition, mystical creatures create unexpected twists to the traditional Cinderella fairy tale.

Unique Cinderella Stories – Four Book Suggestions to Add to Your Princess Summer Reading List

There are many unknown Cinderella stories that are not as familiar as the Walt Disney version of the tale. Although Disney has popularized the familiar story, there are several picture books with different adaptations of the Cinderella fairy tale that are worth reading. These Cinderella stories are sure to entertain anyone who loves the cinder princess.

Children’s Cancer Book Review – Where’s My Hair?

I would like to tell you about a children’s book I recently read. The name of the book is “Where’s My Hair?” The book is about cancer. It tells about the days of cancer treatments in a young pediatric oncology patient. The book is downright amazing. “Where’s My Hair?” talks bout feelings and that it is okay to be sad.

Childhood Cancer Book Review – Where’s My Hair?

As a special education specialist I have seen many books that children struggle with because the reading is too hard. Many books lack age appropriate reading. Let me tell you about a new children’s book authored by Patti Block, of Minnesota, titled Where’s My Hair? This book definitely has an age appropriate reading level and can be used for educational purposes.

The Hockey Sweater and Roch Carrier

Roch Carrier is a Canadian children’s novelist who has published numerous books but his most famous work is the book related to a young man caught in the middle of a heated sports rivalry and a hapless purchase mistake. The Hockey Sweater, originally written in French, is the story of a young French Canadian who plays hockey with a group of boys out on the pond.

Children Will Sail Away With Peg Leg Peke As the Wind of Their Imagination Takes Off

PEG LEG PEKE is a story about a small Pekingese puppy that has a hurt leg that is in a cast. He tells the narrator when asked that he has a “boo-boo”. The puppy, along with the narrator, use their imagination and make out that the puppy’s cast is a peg leg like a pirate.

Parenting Book Reveals Importance of Full Spectrum of Human Intelligence

Raising Intuitive Children is an excellent reference for understanding and cultivating a positive and nurturing relationship and developmental environment for an intuitive child. This book offers great insight into the importance of parenting the whole child.

Always My Brother, a Book Review

A gentle story of love and loss through the eyes of a little girl who lost her brother to death. The pictures and text are warm and tender, a great place to start when helping a child grieve.

An Audio Book of MR POPPER’S PENGUINS by Richard and Florence Atwater – A Tale That’s Still Enjoyed

Mr. and Mrs. Popper live with their two children, Janie and Bill, in a town called Stillwater. Mr. Popper is a fairly good house painter but he does tend to daydream a lot about his favorite topic, Arctic explorers and the ice all around the North and the South Poles.

Bubba & Giganto – Against All Odds By Lea Schizas

Book Review of Bubba & Giganto – Against All Odds by Lea Schizas. The challenges presented to school age children are tremendous. The expectations of achieving good grades are high on the list, especially by parents and teachers.

GoneAway Into the Land by Jeffrey B Allen

Jeffrey B. Allen’s GoneAway Into the Land is an amusing, original fantasy novel. It is appropriate for older children, but will be enjoyed by adult lovers of fantasy as well.

The Pros and Cons of Digital Books For Children

Children need to be exposed to books and reading to improve their literacy levels including their vocabulary knowledge. The wider variety of reading matter they are exposed to can develop these skills. Can digital books help?

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